What If Zootopia Was an Anime? A Unique Animation Twist

May 16, 2024

What If Zootopia Was an Anime: A Unique Blend of Animation Styles

Let’s look into the interesting thought of making Disney’s “Zootopia” into an anime. This thought experiment seems to mix the fancy, bright world of Zootopia with the deep stories and complicated pictures of Japanese anime. 

We will look at how Zootopia’s parts could be used in anime to make it more appealing to people who liked both movies. Culture, changes to the genre, and possible changes to the way characters look will be talked about. Think about how this mix of countries might make Zootopia forget things.

How Would Character Design Change in Anime Form?

An anime-style character design transformation scene, showcasing the evolution of a traditional cartoon character into an anime character

Making “Zootopia” into an anime could bring about interesting changes in how the characters look, giving the show a new look while keeping its core that fans love and they would reply and send comments whenever it is aired every week. Because anime is known for having lively and changing facial features, it gives Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde a new way to show their work:

Main Characters Reimagined

  • Judy could make her facial emotions more exaggerated, like anime heroines do, which would make her emotional police work scenes better.
  • Nick’s smooth con artist persona can be brought out with sharper, more angular designs, which are common for anime characters who are smart.

Supporting Characters and New Additions

  • As anime has a long history of casting characters from a wide range of backgrounds, new roles may be created or minor characters from the movie’s backstories may be expanded, making the story of “Zootopia” more interesting.

Which Anime Genres Would Suit a Zootopia Adaptation?

An anime-style illustration that creatively visualizes different anime genres within a city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

As an anime, “Zootopia” could be turned into a lot of different types of shows, which could make the story more interesting and appeal to more people. 

The movie’s original songs work with a number of types of anime:

  • Looking into the Action Genre: The original movie’s fast-paced chase scenes and crime-solving plot could be made better with intense anime-style action, which would appeal to fans of drama and action anime.
  • Potential for Comedy and Drama: Anime’s ability to smoothly blend funny and serious themes could lead to more comedic elements. This would make powerful social commentary more powerful.

What Cultural Themes Could Be Enhanced in an Anime Version?

It’s interesting to think about how deeply the anime could go into cultural themes when you ask yourself, “What if Zootopia was an anime?” Anime often deals with tough social problems in a way that is both entertaining and educational:

Addressing Societal Issues

  • The main ideas of “Zootopia,” like prejudice and variety, can be looked into more deeply, maybe by finding similarities with real-life problems in Japan or other places, making the story more appealing to people all over the world.
  • Adding parts of Japanese culture could make the setting more real and interesting, so it would work well for both Japanese and foreign audiences.

Who Would Be the Ideal Creators for This Anime?

An anime-style illustration exploring cultural themes in a futuristic city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

If “Zootopia” is to become an anime, it needs to be made by a team of artists who can capture the original’s charm and appeal while also adding the unique style of Japanese animation. The company and director that were chosen are very important for getting to the heart of what made the movie so popular:

Potential Directors and Studios

  • Ideal would be studios like Studio Ghibli or Bones, which are known for their careful attention to detail and stories that focus on the characters.
  • Mamoru Hosoda, who knows how to combine realistic problems with visually appealing animation, is the kind of director who could do “Zootopia” justice.

Voice Actors for the Anime Version

  • Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde’s animated characters would need to be brought to life in a new cultural setting by voice actors who can show a wide range of emotions.

How Would the Setting of Zootopia Translate to an Anime Environment?

An anime-style illustration of a creative team brainstorming in a futuristic studio.

Any animated work’s setting is very important, and turning “Zootopia” into an anime gives us a unique chance to look at its different neighborhoods through the lens of anime style:

Landscapes in cities and natural areas

  • Zootopia’s technological parts could be improved by giving the busy cityscapes a more futuristic Aspects of technology many anime.

Technological Aspects

  • With better computer and technology, people in Zootopia could be watched as they go about their daily lives, showing a more connected society.

What Impact Would an Anime Adaptation Have on Zootopia’s Popularity?

Making “Zootopia” into an anime video could greatly increase its reach and cultural significance, especially among fans who like the story and style of anime:

Getting to a New Audience

  • People who like anime that digs deeper into social issues might be interested in a “Zootopia” anime, which would make it more appealing to people who aren’t usually interested in Disney shows.

Opportunities for Merchandising and Media

  • A show turned into an anime could lead to a lot of new products that kids, adult anime fans, and collectors would all like.

Key Takeaways

Thinking about “what if Zootopia was an anime” is a fascinating way to see how the popular movie could change in the anime style. If it happens, the possible translation could greatly increase its reach and depth, taking advantage of anime’s large global audience like in YouTube and its love of detailed stories:

  • Anime can make emotional and social themes stronger, which could make Zootopia’s story even more powerful.
  • When Zootopia’s imaginative settings are mixed with anime style, it might check or appeal to a bigger range of people.
  • This change could open up a lot of merchandise possibilities, taking the Zootopia name to even more new markets.


Would a Zootopia anime stay true to the original movie’s message?

Actually, I think that an anime version of Zootopia would probably keep the movie’s message about acceptance and diversity while adding its own style and more character development.

What unique elements can anime bring to the Zootopia universe?

Although anime could use more dramatic visuals and longer story arcs, the movie’s themes could be explored more deeply, and the city and its people could be shown in a more stylized and dynamic way.

How could an anime adaptation affect the perception of the characters?

People might think that the characters are more complicated because anime usually shows a lot of emotion, which makes the characters’ struggles and victories more real.

Are there any existing anime that compare to what a Zootopia adaptation might look like?

Similar in mood and setting to “Beastars,” this anime also features human characters in a complex social setting, focusing on issues of identity and social problems.

What steps are involved in turning a Western animated movie into an anime?

In this process, the character designs are rethought to fit anime styles, the script may be rewritten to include typical anime story structures, and anime-style art and some of them is a complete fan animation.