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Redcoat #1 Cvr

The absolute worst fate for any loyalist is finding themselves stuck behind enemy lines. Even worse, the longer they remain there the greater the likelihood of discovery; leading to imprisonment, death or both. Sadly, that’s been the fate for Simon Pure for the better part of a century. Meet Ghost Machine Comics first (anti)hero as the creator-owned Universe shows us how you deal with a Redcoat.

Redcoat #1

Ghost Machine Comics
Image Comics

Creators: Geoff Johns; Bryan Hitch
Inkers: Bryan Hitch; Andrew Currie
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh

Redcoat #1 begins with a tale torn straight out of a 7th grade American social studies textbook. There’s a poem about it from Longfellow, and even a song I hear; happens at midnight and stars Paul Revere. Something about by land or sea and one or two candle lights, but according to Geoff Johns and Byran Hitch much more happened that night. A bunch of Redcoats actually caught Revere and he was about to die until John Hancock slaughtered them all with…fireflies?

Did you honestly expect Redcoat #1 to make all histories mistakes? Image Comics isn’t, with the publisher giving full artistic credit to the talent creating the Ghost Machine connected Universe. The future looks very bright so far just judging by the colors and ink coming off Redcoat #1. With Hancock signing off on it, Hitch along with co-inker Andrew Currie and colorist Brad Anderson bring a bug battalion to take out the British troops. Call it American ingenuity or great inking but you can clearly make out each individual insect as it attacks. Meanwhile, Anderson’s panel gives Hancock a signature move in the form of a pyrotechnic power that finishes off the British soldiers by lighting them up brighter than bombs bursting in air. Rome wasn’t built in a day and apparently it took some magick to get America off the ground.

However, if you were to judge this series, and even the Universe, by Redcoats star you may say they have a lot of work to do. This is in no way an indictment against the series, just a warning about Simon since he’s quite the scoundrel. But at least Simon is honest about his past, which he claims can’t be said about George Washington or how the “West Indies” were won.

And since he’s been alive since the 1700s, Simon has seen practically all of this story. Starting with a sinister cabal performing a ritual inside a church in order to give Ben Franklin powers as well. Instead, in the first instance of being the wrong guy time and time again, the Redcoat gets them. While the series suggests Franklin and the other “Founders” would go on to make America a “super” power, the one Pure gets only creates problems for the man. A healing factor is only so helpful, especially if you have to hide. Redcoat #1 may make you realize how beneficial breaking the fourth wall has become to comics. But I’m not wading into that pool, even if Simon, his profession and even his signature Redcoat, remind me of a period in comics that doesn’t need repeating.

Even recently some publishers have taken hits to their reputations for this reason. And unlike Simon Pure they don’t look so good afterwards, or remain in such good hands. History is written by it’s winners and the Ghost Machine Universe’s characters can erase a painful stain.

Traveling back in time, Redcoat #1 gives audiences a glimpse at the Ghost Machine Universe as it starts. And if the spirit from 1776 is any indication then the other series are sure to be a force to reckon with.

Score: 9.5