Bravery & Greed (Review)

Dec 5, 2022

Bravery & Greed is a blast to play. It is easy for an indie 2D roguelite to get lost of the shuffle, but Bravery & Greed is worth finding time for. Published by Team17 and developed by a small two-person team of Rekka Games, Bravery & Greed is an engaging, action-packed, 2D game that found a place in the weekly game nights for my family.

Published by: Team17
Released: November 15, 2022 (PC, Playstation, Switch, Xbox)

Bravery & Greed plays well solo, but it shines in co-op. The game provides both online and local co-op. Gathering friends and family around a screen to share a run through Bravery & Greed provided this reviewer with one of the best gaming experiences of the year. The game mixes laughter, side-scrolling action, and tense boss battles. 

Fortunately, the game runs smoothly with both online and local co-op. Both PC and Nintendo Switch offered smooth performances that benefited the frantic on-screen action. The Switch version did suffer a few crashes after defeating a boss. Thankfully auto saves meant no progress was lost. Team17 has continued to patch and update the game since launch, providing a few quality of life features like outlines on players for easier recognition.

Fun Solo or Co-op

Regardless of solo or co-op play, Bravery & Greed has players battling their way through four themed dungeons to collect the gems of Life, Dark, Order, and Chaos. Once collected they are used in the final dungeon to seal away the growing evil in the world. Sure, the story is not all that unique. However, the gameplay and upgrades create unique experiences each and every run.

Part of the unique experience is the combination of four characters: a Wizard, Rogue, Amazon, and Warrior. All have melee and ranged combat. The Wizard conjures a spirit to fight for him. The Rogue attacks fast with daggers or a bow. The Amazon wields a chakram and sword. The Warrior’s sword and shield can parry attacks.

Each character can equip four items that provide different buffs and abilities. The equipment and upgrades are randomly generated. On a good run, players may find equipment that brings them back to life or uses the stamina meter as a health bar. These upgrades make a significant difference in the Mega Man-like boss battles. In addition, every run unlocks persistent modifiers or provides different followers to assist in battle. 

Consequently, the roguelite elements result in consistent variety in each run. Some landscapes may look the same. But spawn areas, treasures, and upgrades are uniquely generated for each run. Additionally, Bravery & Greed provides a Smash Bros-like PvP battle areas. The frenetic and satisfying combat can also be enjoyed in a wave-based horde mode.

Bravery & Greed is a Treasure

Bravery & Greed taps into gaming nostalgia with excellent 2D action and modernizes it with various roguelike mechanics and progression. Just like exploring every path in a level for treasure, Bravery & Greed makes the most of its gameplay to create an excellent experience to play together. For gamers with memories of co-op adventures with friends and strangers, Bravery & Greed brings home the gold. An unassuming title, that contains a wealth of treasure for those who enter.

Score: 9.0