Garage Door Opener Performance: how to Improve it

Dec 10, 2021

Are you experiencing issues with your garage door opener remote?

Does it seem like your garage door opener performance has declined? If you’re into smart home automation and adding the efficiency of LED light bulbs read on, lest you endure weeks of frustration.

this tip may solve the problem with garage door opener signal! 

Like many people we wanted to add LEDs to our garage door opener, the performance and longevity just make sense. Unfortunately, after installing new LED bulbs in our Chamberlain garage door opener, we noticed a problem. The reliability and wireless range of our garage door opener remotes had gotten significantly worse.

Of course, it seemed like signal interference might be a factor, but the source of the interference wasn’t immediately obvious. After considering a few other possible sources, we set out in search of GE’s garage door LED lightbulbs at the local home improvement store.

Initially, I was shocked at the price – even for LEDs. However, as I picked up the packaging to understand the justification for the existence and cost ($20/pair) of LEDs, I got the answer for the cost and the solution to my problem.

Garage Door Opener signal performance Problem Solved

Naturally, after a quick skim of the packaging we had our answer albeit not the one I expected.


There on the box was the answer to my problem. Some LED bulbs (like the ones in my garage door opener) interfere with the remote signal to the garage door opener. By installing the new LED bulbs it immediately solved the problem!

No more frustration with the opener.

Where to buy garage dood opener led bulbs

If you have poor signal performance with your garage door opener check your LED lights. If you installed them in the garage door opener this is probably the culprit. Although the good news is there is a simple fix. These garage door opener LED bulbs are available on Amazon by a variety of bulb and garage door manufacturers.

Click! One of life’s small frustrations solved.

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