Flexispot – Awesome Standing Desk

Jul 16, 2021

I like to work with a standing desk. I’ve been doing this since 2005 off and on throughout the day as I stand and then sit, often in intervals of two hours. And even when I’m just taking notes or I’m listening to a podcast, it is nice just to lean forward on a desk and keep my legs stretched, put a little bit of pressure on my calves, and really stretch out my feet and hamstrings.

So when I heard from Flexispot that they wanted to provide me with this desk for review, I immediately jumped on it. The desk I have been using for years is from IKEA. It’s fine, but struggles in enough areas that I wanted to see improved. Such as the consistency of the motor, the overall noise of the motor, and a more stable countertop.


Flexispot allowed me to choose the size and style of the desk. I went with a large, 72 x 30 x 1 inch desk and a marble gray countertop. This is larger than my existing desk by about 15%, and I did not expect to use that additional space as well as I have been able to. After a few weeks with this desk, I can say with confidence it is easy to recommend to folks who work from home even just a few days a week. And yes, GWW is a site that covers gaming, and as a gamer for my nearly 40 years on this Earth, I can confidently say this Flexispot desk is outstanding for gamers. Gamers need large desk space so they can orient their monitor in the ideal position, such as depth and angle, to their mouse and keyboard and controller. The additional space also helps to ensure you have enough space to house all of your gear. Such as speakers, headsets, monitor, keyboard, mouse, microphone, webcam (when not in use I put my webcam on my desk, away from my face), and more. Personally, I also have a few toys on my desk such as a statue of Spider-Man, a couple of Link Amiibo, and my Switch and Anbernic retro handheld. Oh, and by the way, I use an ergonomic mouse while working and a gaming mouse while gaming. Thus, I need room for those items too. My wallet, keys, iPad, Leatherman; the list is nearing an end but I will stop here. There is likely too much desktop space, but I am yet to reach it.


Everything you need, except for a screwdriver, is in the box. The desk arrived in two boxes, and assembly took me about one hour, completely by myself. I do not fancy myself a strongman, but I was able to lift the desk, fully assembled, up my staircase and into my office. You may ask why I did not take the boxes up there first, and you would be right to assemble the desk where you intend to you use it. As for my explanation…I did not think it through 🙂 Plain and simple.

The only issue I had was later solved. The desk is connected to the legs/frame via twelve screws. The frame had eleven rubber washers pre installed where those screws go, and one was missing. I later found it in the box as I was recycling them. I was able to install that washer without dissembling the whole desk.

The Killer Feature

The very reason I own a standing desk is to reduce the strain on my back that comes with long-term sitting. I work at my desk for about ten hours each day with a few breaks to exercise. One of the annoying features of my original, gen-1, desk is it did not have a memory function. I would have to manually raise it and lower to the heights that I had once found perfect for my body and posture. The Flexispot desk has a truly killer-feature: a memory unit. With this unit, I can set my favorite heights and with a single push of a button, return the desk to one of three heights. Perfect!


At just $399, this desk is a steal. Again, I would easily recommend this to my friends and colleagues. The use cases to support this desk are only constrained by the size of one’s desired room. This is a large desk, no doubt, but I have managed to use up every inch, which includes open space that helps me feel organized.

Thanks to Flexispot for providing this desk for review.