FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk

May 5, 2023

Gosh, I love a good desk. For a long time, my only requirements were a solid desktop and a motorized lift. I recently reviewed the E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk by FlexiSpot. My review was quite positive – it’s a great desk at a great price. If you are open to spending a little more ($650 total), you will find FlexiSpot’s Q8 to be superior in my favorite ways, as well as a few others.

First, let’s get some of the key features of the Q8 out of the way:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Anti-collision function
  • Loading capacity: 220lbs
  • Leg Section: 3 stage
  • Dimensions (as reviewed): 55x28x2.7
  • Height adjustment (as reviewed): 24″ – 49.2″
  • Integrated wireless charger
  • Integrated USB-A and USB-C charging ports
  • 4-memory presets

The biggest challenge I repeatedly face while reviewing products, which has been an issue since I started in 2009, is what I would learn after using a product long-term. In this context, I must ask myself, what is it like owning a standing desk? What are the features that matter after 30 or 60 days? Here they are:

  • Durability of the finish
  • Durability of the motor
  • How the size fits with your lifestyle

Source: FlexiSpot

Durability of the finish

My experience with FlexiSpot dates back nearly 3 years. In that time, we (myself and my family) have several of their desks to good use. As I am testing this Q8, I am also using the E7 Pro Plus in my office as a TV and gaming console stand. Neither the Q8 nor the E7 Pro Plus have any signs of use on the desktop. The Q8 holds up better, however.

The bamboo finish on the Q8 is a light wooded color, surrounded by an all-white frame. It looks great – soft and inviting, positioned in the corner of my 144 sq. foot office. The finish is not ribbed – it’s smooth, all the way. I cannot seem to capture the color correctly with my iPhone. Do note, the finish is more of a true bamboo color than the photo below reveals.

Durability of the motor

FlexiSpot offers a both a single and dual motor model of the Q8. Note, the single-motor model does not have the wireless charger or cable management tray. I strongly recommend the dual-motor version, called the Q8 “Pro”. This motor is special. When I reviewed the E7 Pro Plus, I was excited the motor wasn’t as loud as my original FlexiSpot desk. The dual-motor in the Q8 is not only much quieter, but it also has a collision detection function. Without this function, it takes more….impact, for the motor to know to stop and reverse course. I can’t say I ever got hurt or damaged any of my tech prior to having a desk with this function, but I love that I have it now. It is quite sensitive, however. While in motion, up or down, even if I set my coffee mug on my desk, the motor would stop and reverse course a bit. I had to learn to live with this and I am glad I did.

Along with the collision detection, the dual-motor “Pro” also offers double the weight capacity. on my desk is a 27″ monitor and a 16″ MacBook – I don’t expect to reach the 220lbs weight limit any time soon. But, hey, maybe one day I’ll stand on it and install some shelves above my desk.

The motor is controlled by a very simple to use command center. Here, you can lift the desk up and down and program 4 different heights. I use only two of the memory slots but I can see myself taking advantage of the others for specific scenarios, such as giving a multi-hour lecture while standing. In that case, I may want the desk higher than normal. As an added touch, FlexiSpot included two power ports, which I use every day. I charge my iPad Pro from the USB-C and I charge my heart-rate monitor from the USB-A. This is inspired design!

How the size fits with your lifestyle

I have grown to care more about keeping my office tidy and organized. I am not yet into color schemes or feng shui, thankfully, but I have found an opportunity with the Q8 to create a more organized office. Having an integrated drawer is a huge help. The drawer of the Q8 is optional, and measured 28.3″ x 12.8″ x 1.97″. It’s not enormous, but it very well houses, for me, extra cables, my wallet, Kindle, and a copy of The Wrath of Khan in 4K BluRay that I’ve been meaning to watch. On the desktop is an integrated wireless charger. I found it made my accessories too warm for my comfort. I do, however, use the integrated USB chargers frequently.

Source: FlexiSpot
My current setup with the Q8. I love the white accessories on the bamboo desktop.

The Q8 is an easy recommendation for me to make. At just $650 (current sale price), you’re getting a high-quality desk with an excellent motor and materials and a drawer to put your essentials in. But note it does not have the 15-year warranty like the E7 Pro Plus does, or the level of personalization prior to placing an order. For my money, I would choose the Q8 any day.  And you can buy it now by clicking this link.