ProtoArc Mech KM201

Apr 9, 2024

Note: ProtoArc provided this product for our testing and review.

The ProtoArc MECH KM201 is a wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse combo designed for productivity and office use. I’ve spent several days with the set, and I believe it’s an affordable option worthy of consideration for office users. Provided your budget for a mechanical keyboard is on the lower end of the spectrum and you don’t mind the plastic build. If you’re looking for a keyboard for long typing sessions, I recommend an ergonomic keyboard, such as the EK01 by ProtoArc. They also have a very good vertical trackball mouse that I reviewed a year ago.

The Hardware

Included in this set is a mechanical keyboard and mouse. The keyboard features a tenkeyless (84-key) layout, making it a compact option for space-saving setups, or someone, like me, who simply want less stuff on his desk. The keyboard utilizes low-profile red mechanical switches, offering a smooth linear typing experience with minimal key travel distance. I appreciate the reduce force required to accurate the keys as I’ve been researching ways to reduce the stress on my wrists. My primary keyboard is a split design, so testing this keyboard was good for my comfort. But, I love testing products 🙂 While not completely silent, the red switches produce a quieter sound profile compared to traditional clicky switches, ideal for shared workspaces and conference calls. I like to take notes during calls, mostly on a tablet, but sometimes I need to enter notes in a shared document. In that case, I don’t want anyone hearing my clicks and clacks.

Although made of plastic, the keyboard construction feels sturdy. Two adjustable tilt legs provide ergonomic typing positions for enhanced comfort during extended use. Also made of plastic is the included mouse. There isn’t much to say about it, other than it’s thankfully very quiet. Personally, I avoid keyboard and mouse bundles because of my RSI and tendonitis issues. I thus need to be very personalized with my choices.

I’m fond of ProtoArc’s standard color way. It’s a mix of gray and orange. Along with white font on the keys, I think this all looks attractive. For an office keyboard, this is not the old 90’s beige look. But it’s also not a gamer-centric RGB design. It fits nicely with dark or light colored desks. There is, unfortunately, no backlighting. Although the LED power indicator, in blue, is located within the delete (“del”) key.

All of this, for just $49.99.


The keyboard and mouse share a single USB receiver/transmitter. This is very helpful, and a hallmark of ProtoArc’s keyboard and mouse bundles. Unfortunately, I found the range quite limited – even with a 5 foot distance the mouse would skip around. Although the keyboard did not have that issue. I ended using an extension and kept the mouse within 2 feet. There is no Bluetooth support. Although I do prefer 2.4GHz connections for my peripherals. I’m also falling in love with wired connections again. I know, that sounds weird.

The keyboard features standard media keys and function keys accessible through the Fn key combination. I tested it on both Mac and Windows laptops – nothing to report there. However, the keyboard lacks dedicated macro keys and additional programmability options, which might be a limitation for power users. But I believe this is aimed at traditional office users who likely do not need those functions.

The star of the show are the low profile mechanical keys with red switches. They feel good! They are not very quiet, however, and may turn some heads in the office if you’re in a cubical setting.

User Experience

The low-profile red switches deliver a responsive and tactile typing experience. Keystrokes register accurately with minimal debounce delay. The actuation force feels light, making the keyboard suitable for fast typing. However, users accustomed to heavier keystrokes may require an adjustment period.

The included mouse offers basic functionality with two buttons and a scroll wheel. Its performance is adequate for everyday tasks but might not be ideal for gamers or users requiring high precision control. There are 3 on-demand DPI settings as well.

Battery life

Both the keyboard and mouse are powered by rechargeable batteries. The charging port is USB-C, and a single cable is included in the box. I did not have any issues with battery life. Meaning, the devices lasted several days without needing a recharge. If you were to turn off the backlighting on the keyboard, you would extend the battery life even further.

Who is it for?

The ProtoArc MECH KM201 is a good choice for anyone who wants a quality, wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse at a reasonable price. It’s perfect for work but not ideal for gaming. But if you just want to enjoy the satisfying clickety-clack of mechanical keys, you’ll find that here. Just keep in mind the mouse is subpar and the typing experience is not as “clicky” as other mechanical keyboards out there that are priced much higher. You can pick it up from the ProtoArc website for just $49.99.