Hiding “In Plain Sight”-The Intelligence Community & UFOs

Nov 3, 2022

UFO’s, the Intelligence Community, large Scale cover-ups & other-worldly hybridization programs? “In Plain Sight: The Intelligence Community & UFOs“. A NEW Documentary out by Doc Side Media, The same guys who made “Conscious Contact” Tyler Transue & Chris Ruppert. Featuring Richard Doty, John Ramirez, And distributed/produced by 1091 Pictures. This phenomenon based film is a great addition to the Ufology section and is not afraid to stray away from the more mainstream aspects of the phenomenon.

The Famous Tic Tac UFO- Codenamed: The Gimbal for its apparent shape and aurora around the craft, caught by the US navy On FLIR
Still Frame From an unclassified Clip, Authorized/Accepted By The Pentagon for release after the fact- 2020 From To The Stars Academy

“Enough with the TIC-TAC UFO”

Quite Frankly! Well-versed UFOlogists are [most likely] sour-ing to the same 2017 N.Y Times Tic-Tac encounter. This Documentary brings out a popular face among UFO enthusiasts, Richard Doty. Doty is a retired Counter-Intelligence Officer based out of Groom Lake, (AREA 51) and other military installations. Doty has made claims about aspects of his job that will leave your jaw on the floor. The sheer volume of information he gives, and has given over the years, is mind boggling, and if true, the implications are outstanding. and… kind of unnerving.

“UFOs, The paranormal and Bigfoot”

Tyler Transue and Chris Ruppert wrote, edited, and directed this new documentary that is available on all the normal movie renting platforms like Amazon Prime, Apple TV Etc. Tyler and Chris have been busy over the past year or so, producing a handful of “Other worldly” topic-based documentaries including the likes of “Big foot,” “The Paranormal” and UFOs/ Government Cover-ups.

“A New Look At Roswell”

Through the course of this latest film. “In Plain Sight” dives deep into the Roswell Case. Not from the normal angle that someone would typically see in a generic Netflix or Hulu Documentary. Richard Doty’s testimony lends credence to the theory that an E.B.E [Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity]. “E.B.E “-A phrase from leaked/FOIA Government documents (This was not something the UFO community dubbed as such). However, Doty claims “The Beings” were temporarily held at Groom Lakes secret installation. This came after being recovered at the Roswell Area crash. People over the years mention that there were 2-3 spacecraft. Not just the main Roswell wreckage, we all have all come to associate the event with.

Richard Doty- A Retired Counter-Intelligence Officer who claims to have worked at Area 51 (S-4)& other secret installations gives testimony for “In Plain Sight: The Intelligence Community & UFOs”

“The Good, The Bad, & The Better”

John Ramirez (Former Counter-Intel Agent) also lends some testimony to this fantastically shot/edited Documentary. Supporting & confirming parts of each others testimony, made this feel that much more real, & credible. At a little over 90 minutes. The story keeps its pace, and comes together in a way that will have the audience eager for more.

The “Typical” UFO documentary- This Is Not That

A critique for the film. Unlike for example, James Fox’s “Moment of Contact’‘. This film used several of what we in the field call, “Scary Alien Cut Scenes“. The UFO community filmmakers should move away from those types of VFX/FX & cut shots.

For this topic to become more mainstream. Our battles need to be chosen. Choosing what we champion forward to get this noticed worldwide. In a non-stigmatized way.

UFOs- UAPs- USOs & More- Are they flying around. our skies unknowingly? Watch In Plain Sight: The Intelligence Community and UFOs to learn more

-The Review- (7.9/10)

Nonetheless, this film did a terrific job. The story kept its flow in a way that was engaging. Not just engaging for weathered UFO enthusiasts, but, for the general less informed viewer as well.

New to the topic of UFO’s and their occupants? Tyler & Chris Have accumulated a great catalogue of “Docs” to catch up on. All of their films have come out in the past 1-2 Years, which is impressive.

Speaking to Tyler & Chris In our Interview forIn Plain Sight: The intelligence Community & UFOs”. “It was nonstop driving up and down the country”. For various interviews. “Sleeping in the car at times just to rest” said Tyler Transue about the experience.

Highly recommend giving this a watch and forming your own opinion on the subject matter. It is important to understand all information being presented. If any of its true, it’s all true.

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