Actor garret Dillahunt discusses his career & New Film Ambulance Directed By Michael Bay

Jun 17, 2022

Garret Dillahunt, famous for roles in shows like Fear The Walking Dead, & Deadwood, joined me to discuss his new film Ambulance. The films is directed By Michael Bay.

The movie hits like a mid-budget indy film. However, then something explodes, and you remember you still are watching a BAY film. I got to sit down with actor Garret Dillahunt and discuss the challenges of working on a Michael Bay film, but also the rewarding process of the director challenging his cast as they have never been challenged before.

After bringing up his departure from “Fear The Walking Dead” After being a fan favorite on the series, It was not just the writers giving him a Walking Dead Exit, it was more of a request from Garret, to the show.

Individuals have come to know Garret as a very immersive actor. When asked about how he has changed his approach to selecting roles. Characters, etc. He said, that because he doesn’t have any children of his own. These roles are what he is leaving behind for the world. He knows what he brings to the set is valuable, and worth something. Becoming slightly pickier about the characters he plays, and the movies he takes on.

When asked about working with Zack Snyder, Garret had only great things to say. Comparing the styles of Bay, and Snyder. Saying they are both really great storytellers. Adding how [they]are not afraid to test the limits of their cast, but also themselves. Garet added that Zack Snyder is much quieter than Michael Bay. In terms of on-set style, they both are the best storytellers in the industry.

Check out the Full Video below, and keep a look out for our Interview “A” Martinez who also played Papi in “Ambulance” Which Is now Streaming on Peacock and is on Blu-Ray, 4k & More!

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